This is the original wind-up toy used by Russ at the San Diego State University on October 17, 1990. But it's not the original sound. Since it was hard to find a similar toy I used the sound of a frog wind-up toy and tried to synchronize it with the pictures. They don't build those wind-up toys that often anymore. Maybe to many digital loops out there ;-)

Click on the key in the back of the mouse father to wind up the toy!

"As the tramp watched, the sales lady opened a box and took out two toy mice, a large one and a small one, who stood upright with outstretched arms and joined hands. They wore blue velveteen trousers and patent leather shoes, and they had glass-bead eyes, white thread whiskers, and black rubber tails. When the sales lady wound the key in the mouse father's back he danced in a circle, swinging his little son up off the counter and down again while the children laughed and reached out to touch them. Around and around they danced gravely, and more and more slowly as the spring unwound, until the mouse father came to a stop holding the child high in his upraised arms."

From 'The Mouse and His Child' by Russell Hoban.

Olaf Schneider (Nexter Tailor)

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