"It's hard to believe they do it by observing the angle of the sun like a yachtsman with a sextant. Carr doubts it and he's about the biggest turtle authority there is. But that's what penguins do on overland journeys. They're big navigators too. I think of the turtles swimming steadily against the current all the way to Ascension. I think of them swimming through all that golden-green water over the dark, over the chill of the deeps and the jaws of the dark..."

From 'Turtle Diary' by Russell Hoban. 'Turtle Diary' was the first book by Russell Hoban I read. I always was very impressed by these words and they kept swimming in my mind for 16 years now. No sound this time? I tried it with sound but it seemed inadequate.

Olaf Schneider (Nexter Tailer)

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